Welcome to Huella Patagónica

Given the recents events we have been going through and the new lifestyle adopted worldwide, our team has joined forces to fight this pandemic while enjoying your stay. For this, we leave you a brief with our sanitary measures and prevention protocols.

We will only admit passengers that do not present symptoms and fulfill the public health requirements established by the authorities, in addition to fulfilling the internal regulations established during the pandemic by the hostel.

We count with the Tourist Trust SERNATUR Certificate, safe space to practice social distancing, given capacity, hand sanitizers, sanitary measures and prevention protocols. This is all detailed when confirming your booking, on your arrival and by asking for more information e-mailing us to contacto@huellapatagonica.cl or through our Whatsapp (+56 9) 4410 1571.

It is our number one priority: our family, working team, Coyhaique and our region's communities' health. We encourage you to take care of others, by taking care of yourselves. Read comprehensively the protocols provided and travel only if you can do it safely and without endangering others. We remind you that if you have any doubts or suspicions, contact the emergency health lines (600 360 77 77 / 700 726 666).

We hope that working together and practicing self care, we will be able to enjoy this wonderful and charming place safely. Information and action plan of the Ministry of Health (https://www.minsal.cl/nuevo-coronavirus-2019-ncov/).


• At the Check In, fully accept and respect the rules of cohabitation and the use of the Hostel’s facilities.
• Record all the observations you deem pertinent in the Suggestions, Complaints and Acknowledgement Book.
• Maintain good human relations within the premises, respecting others' right to rest and reside in a calm environment. Remember that the hours of silence start at 22:00 hours.
• The bed and/or assigned room’s facilities and gear must be kept and returned in good conditions. Keep bedding and appliances within the room.
It is strictly forbidden to wash and dry clothes inside or outside the bedrooms. In case of need, please consult with reception for the laundry service.
• Give notice to reception about any anomalies in the bedroom and/or bathroom, regarding damage of the facilities or building appliances. It is forbidden for clients to engage in any repair activities within the bedrooms or the Hostel’s premises.
• It is forbidden by Law to smoke inside the rooms or the Hostel permises, according to Ley N° 20.105.
• Given the establishment policies, there is no TV service in any of the Hostel’s dependencies.
• Foods or alcoholic beverages consumption is not allowed inside the bedrooms.
• Leave the bed/bedroom at the established date and time. Due to COVID-19 PROTOCOL, at 11:00 am the bedrooms are sanitized. Whether you leave or remain in the Hostel, we request you move out of your room during these hours for your safety and the safety of those around you.
• Clean and tidy up the dining room, kitchen, and common areas after using them.
• Take responsibility for the facilities, furniture and appliances that are entrusted to you, responding in case of damage or losses.
• Please refrain from using implements that require some type of fuel, such as portable stoves, inside the bedrooms, and the Hostel premises in general.
• Pets are not allowed within the Hostel’s premises unless they are assistance animals.
• Visits are not allowed in any facility of the Hostel due to COVID-19 protocols. People who are not Huella Patagónica’s guests are not allowed.
• Keep the entrance door closed every time you enter or leave the Hostel. Staff is not responsible for any losses.



1. Hostel will operate to a maximum of 74% capacity.
2. Face mask use is compulsory throughout the whole establishment, except for the bedrooms.
3. At the entrance, landings and exits; plus common areas such as dining room, kitchen and reception, disinfection mechanisms and/or hand and feet sanitizers will be found.
4. Temperature will be taken with infrared thermometers during check in and repeated daily at breakfasts.
5. Shared rooms will reduce its capacity to 66,7%, max. 4 passengers per room, with the exception of a booking by a closed group (family, expedition or travelling group).
6. Tables and chairs will be arranged in common areas in order to maintain maximum capacity and social distancing.
7. There is a cleaning and disinfection daily routine through the entire hostel before each check in and during the day. For this we ask you to follow directions and schedules to ensure our standards and safety protocols.
8. Shared bathrooms will receive periodical clean ups to ensure hygiene and disinfection. This will be performed at least twice a day.
9. Each time a passenger uses the kitchen, this must be left clean and tidy, as found. This area will also receive at least two sanitizations daily.
10. To avoid clusters, it is requested for passengers to reduce their consultations at the front desk, leaving as an option the hostel number for callings and/or whatsapps until 22.00 hrs and the email contacto@huellapatagonica.cl.